Roller Insect Screen

Your home is strictly your own.

Keep insects away with Windoor Roller Insect Screens – tough enough to withstand the vagaries of the weather as well tiny bugs.

It's aesthetically constructed so it only adds to the charm of your home, whilst adding functionality.

Choose Windoor
Roller Insect Screens for
Besides, aesthetics, durability and the ability to customize, choose Windoor Insect Screens for:
  • 7500 homes

    protected with
    Windoor Mosquito Roller Screens

  • Rust

    powder coated with 50 to 60
    micron thick coating

  • Different

    of mosquito nets to
    suite every type of window

Engineered Design

The Imported Screen (Net) is made of strong materials coated with PVC and is thermitically welded at each square for maintaining uniformity. Designed specially with the Spring Loaded Mechanism, it is easy to use which makes it even easier to maintain. It also cleans the screen automatically everytime it is operated opened from the outside. Simple, isn't it?

An in-house brand, Windoor Roller Insect Screens is committed to protect you from mosquitoes. Plus, you don't have to use insect sprays and repellent coils, and can avoid adverse effects from those chemicals. Come by, and we will walk you through the littlest intricacies with expert care, only at The Living Interiors.